Suspect Item Marking Set (SIMS)


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A set of 6 long-life LED lights for marking suspicious items as well as indicating a clear line of approach through multiple colors and accessories. This set is a great ChemLight alternative, and the ability to turn off the lights to save batteries as well as a blinking option offer features that ChemLight can’t provide.


  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Visible at night and in daylight
  • 3 operation modes – On, dim, and flash
  • Anodized stakes for soft locations
  • Magnet and base for solid ground or metallic object marking (one included, additional magnets and bases available)
  • Made in USA (Berry Amendment compliant)


  • 6x Lighting Units
    • 5x green
    • 1x red
  • 6x Anodized Stakes
  • IRIS Light Control Tube
    • Adjustable focal point to display initial point of approach
  • Magnet and Base
  • Helix Loop
    • Allows unit to be attached to a person, branch, wire, etc.
  • 12x batteries (CR 2032)
  • Rugged carry pack


  • Length: 10″
  • Width: 6″
  • Depth: 2.5″
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.000005 × 6.023625 × 2.519686 in
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