Tactical Compact Hook & Line Kit


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A quality tactical down range compact hook & line kit that allows the operator a 400 foot standoff. The kit is packaged into a bag that is 9″ diameter x 4″ width, with a weight of only 11 lbs.


  • 400 feet of Dyneema cord (1,600 lbs BS)
  • Ruslyn pack wheel
  • Pack wheel kit bag
  • Folding grappler
  • Hook knife
  • Remote pull grips
  • 2x Straight locking forceps
  • 2x Revolver karabiners
  • 2x Snap hook karabiners
  • 2x Screw lock karabiners
  • 2x Mini breakaway pulleys
  • 2x 24″ Webbing slings
  • Pulling Handle


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