Under Vehicle IED (UVIED) Training Kit #1 – Inert Training Aids




This kit is specific to hazardous devices employed under, on, and inside vehicles.  Including printed training manuals and materials, large full color training posters, and inert non-explosive training aids designed specifically for training security personnel in the detection of vehicle borne explosive devices (VBIEDs).  This kit was developed for and in conjunction with manufacturers of under-vehicle inspection systems currently in use worldwide.  

Person-borne IEDs (PBIEDs) / suicide vests are included, as drivers commonly are armed with these devices as a secondary detonation source.

1) Under Vehicle Inspection Training “HANDPRINTS & SMUDGES KIT”
1) Dummy cell phone with leads
1) Countdown timer with wire leads
5) Battery cases (assorted)
1) 100′ foot coil inert det cord
10) Electric detonators (assorted)
5) Non-El detonators
5) Non-El shock tube detonators
1) 1 pound bulk C-4 / PE 4
1) 1/2 pound bulk Semtex-H
7) Dynamite sticks (assorted)
1) Simulated 55 pound bag Ammonium Nitrate (full)
1) Linear Shaped Charge IED (limpet)
1) Improvised (pipe cap) shaped charge IED (limpet)
1) Med. steel pipe bomb IED (limpet)
1) Large steel pipe bomb IED (limpet)
1) Large plastic (PVC) pipe bomb IED (limpet)
1) M112 Demolition Charge (Inner Rim Limpet IED)
1) Suicide Vest – command detonated
1) Suicide Belt – command detonated
5) Large, color, VBIED / UVIED training posters (30″ x 30″ each)

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
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No Case, 2x Large Pelican Cases


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