X-OHW Oxygen + Propane IED Blast Simulator



The Explotrain Model X-OHW IED Simulator provides very realistic and effective explosive battlefield effects to safely train our troops. The simulated explosion sound produced by the X-OHW results in a 120dB blast that trainees will both hear and feel, allowing you the necessary realism required for your training needs. Despite the loudness of the Model X-OHW, it is safe to use near buildings, windows and personnel.

In just minutes you can attach a Model X-OHW IED Simulator to the outside of a building or vehicle and interface with one of our wireless systems, connect it to a laser system to register an RPG hit, or wire it to a pressure switch in an IED production facility to recreate the threats your troops will find in theater.

At less than 17″ tall, the X-OHW IED Simulator is easily concealable, giving your training the element of surprise you need.

Regulators, hoses, and an empty oxygen tank are included. *Purchase of a propane tank must be made at a local supplier.* Oxygen tanks can be filled at most welding supply stores.


  • Safe indoor effects from 110-130 dB
  • 150+ Shots per O2 Cylinder
  • 50+ Shots per Propane/Cylinder
  • 10 Cents per Shot
  • Fires up to 60 Shots/Min

Compatible Initiation Systems

  • X-COM Touch Screen
  • X-LRT 915 MHz Handheld
  • Hardwired Triggers, i.e. PIR Motion Detector, Pressure Plate, Tripwire, etc.


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Remote Options

No Remote, X-MIT(Controls up to 4 separate devices – 300 yard range), X-LRT (Controls up to 10 separate devices – 500+ yard range)

NOTE - These details refer to the default package information for this product. For specific product dimensions please contact us.