X-OMG Platoon Level Functional IED Training Kit



This Reactive / Functional IED Trainer Kit is specifically designed to support Platoon Level IED training when IED Training lanes and ranges are occupied or unavailable.  The kit includes everything needed to easily conduct realistic training scenarios in any environment.  Focusing on simplicity, this kit is quickly understood and very easy to set up and operate.

Penalty Features:

–  The Explotrain® Model X-OMG™ IED Simulator provides the extreme performance characteristics required to produce the explosive effects needed to effectively train mounted troops in armored vehicles. Placed near a convoy and controlled wirelessly or by a victim operated trigger, the X-OMG™ provides the perfect simulation of a large roadside bomb, IED Simulator, or VBIED simulator.

Regulators, hoses, and an empty oxygen tank are included. *Purchase of a propane tank must be made at a local supplier.* Oxygen tanks can be filled at most welding supply stores.

Included in kit:

 X-OMG Blast Simulator

– Penalty Box Monitor (Lights and LOUD Siren)

– Two, Fifty Foot Command Wire Reels (connects to make 100′ feet)

– Power Connectors for 9 Volt Batteries

– 9 Volt Batteries Included

– Jar Containing Deluxe Det Cord, Time Fuze, and Blasting Caps

– Detailed Instructions for Each Device

– Large, Storm / Pelican Storage & Transport Case w/ wheels

Improvised Switches:

– Low Metal Content Pressure Plate

– Mousetrap Tripwire

– Remote Key FOB

– Anti-Movement

– Trembler Switch

– Digital Timer Switch

– Photocell Switch

– PIR Motion Sensor

– Commercial Pressure Mat

Simulated Explosives (Main Charge):

– Inert, Replica 122mm Russian Artillery Projectile

– Inert, Replica 82mm Chinese Mortar Round

– Inert, Simulated Grapeshot IED

– Inert, Simulated 5 Pound Bulk HE Charge; Wrapped in PE Bag


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