X-OMG Platoon Level Functional IED Kit w/ Oxygen+Propane IED Blast Simulator



This reactive / functional IED Trainer Kit is specifically designed to support Platoon level IED training when IED Training lanes and ranges are occupied or unavailable. The kit includes everything needed to easily conduct realistic training scenarios in any environment. Focusing on simplicity, this kit is quickly understood and very easy to set up and operate.

Penalty Features:

– The Explotrain  Model X-0MG IED Simulator provides very realistic and effective explosive battlefield effects to safely train our troops. The simulated explosion sound produced by the X-OMG result in a blast that can exceed 130 dB that trainees will both hear and feel, allowing you the necessary realism required for your training needs. Despite the loudness of the Model X-OMG, it is safe to use near buildings, windows and personnel.

X-OHW Specifications:

  • 130+ Decibel Blast
  • 50+ Shots per O2 Cylinder
  • 100+ Shots per Propane Cylinder
  • 25 Cents per Shot
  • Fires up to 20 Shots/Min
  • 45″ H X 22″ W X 49″ L
  • 150 lbs w/ Gas Cylinders
  • Up to 800m remote control (Remote sold separately)

Regulators, hoses, and an empty oxygen tank are included. *Purchase of a propane tank must be made at a local supplier.* Oxygen tanks can be filled at most welding supply stores.


– Automatic 30 second safe separation arming delay

– Wireless transmission to the Blast Simulator to easily set a safe perimeter between the blast effects and the training area

– Automatically detects open or closed circuit when arming and fires upon any change

– Siren and lights indicate penalty for 30 seconds

– Automatic circuit reset for seamless next-mission evolution

– Modular design allows a single Penalty Monitor to work with any switch

Included in kit:

  • X-OMG Oxygen+Propane IED Blast Simulator
  • X-Cap Transmitter Box & Receiver (Modified for easy connection to the switches in this kit)
  • Regulators, Hoses, and Oxygen Tank (ships empty) for blast simulator (*Purchase of a propane tank must be made at a local supplier*)
  • Penalty Box Monitor (Lights and Siren)
  • 2x 50 ft. Command Wire Reels (Can combine for total 100 ft. length)
  • 9 Volt Batteries (for Penalty Box Monitor)
  • Detailed Instructions for Each Device
  • Hard Plastic Storage & Transport Case w/ wheels

Improvised Switches:

    • Pressure Plate IED Switch, Large
    • Mousetrap Tripwire
    • Remote Key FOB
    • Anti-Tilt Switch (Commercial Ball-in-Cage)
    • Pac-Man Switch
    • Digital Timer Switch
    • Photocell Switch
    • PIR Motion Sensor
    • Commercial Pressure Mat

Simulated Explosives (Main Charge):

    • Replica 122mm OF-56 Soviet HE Frag Artillery Projectile (w/ PE & Electric Blasting Cap)
    • Replica 82mm Type 53 Chinese HE Mortar Round (w/ PE & Electric Blasting Cap)
    • Inert Grapeshot IED Type #2 (w/ Electric Blasting Cap)
    • Inert PE Bag / Satchel Charge IED (w/ Electric Blasting Cap)

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs