IED and ordnance incidents in Africa are rising. Terrorist groups such the Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab in Somalia having used IEDs. Since 1994, The HALO Trust has destroyed almost 100,000 landmines in Angola.

Our training aids have been used for over 15 years by NGOs, foreign militaries, and private clearance companies to counter these threats across Africa.
Having a strategic partner close to the region provides our customers with a local company that offers faster logistics and an easy ordering solution.
Rendsafe Pty Ltd in Africa is a well established distributor for Inert Products, LLC. Rendsafe is currently offering inert ordnance, inert explosives, replica weapons, and IED training aids. These training aids are perfect for Recognition Training and Awareness, Countermine, C-IED, and OPFOR training.

If you are in Africa working in the Military or Humanitarian fields, you can contact Rendsafe for more information and pricing on our training products. They will be glad to schedule a virtual meeting.

Website –
Email – [email protected]
Phone +27 83 603 0415

If you need assistance in that area, or would like to discuss how to make our products available to your customers please let us know.

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