Non-Pyro Blast Simulator – Middle Eastern Jug IED Training Device



This Non-Pyro Blast Simulator Training Device contains one XP-357™ Pneumatic Blast IED Simulator, which produces a tuned shockwave and loud blast effect using compressed air or CO2 at 100-150 PSI. Unlike traditional pneumatic or CO2 powered IED simulators that rely on burst discs and/or CO2 cartridges, the XP series produces a tuned shockwave effect with no fragmentation or hazard. Rapid repeat firings are possible with no need to “reload” the XP-357™ non-pyrotechnic IED simulator – simply refill and re-fire in a matter of seconds.

This IED training aid includes a 5 gallon jug that is typically found in the Middle East, originally designed for palm oil. Terrorists commonly repurpose the jugs for transport / storage of explosive materials and in IED construction. The XP-357 is concealed within the jug and is triggered via the included key fob. We can customize this device to add a variety of switch types (anti-lift, anti-tilt, etc) upon request.

This device enables safe, direct contact training, and poses no fire hazards. The auditory impact is significant, especially in relativity to its safe operating distance.

This item is just one of the endless possibilities of non-pyro devices that we can design and produce in any quantity. If you have any training objectives that this device does not meet, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Weight 15 lbs


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