X-0HW Squad Level Functional IED Training Kit



This Reactive / Functional IED Trainer Kit is specifically designed to support Platoon Level IED training when IED Training lanes and ranges are occupied or unavailable.  The kit includes everything needed to easily conduct realistic training scenarios in any environment.  Focusing on simplicity, this kit is quickly understood and very easy to set up and operate.

Penalty Features:

– The Explotrain® Model X-0HW™ IED Simulator provides very realistic and effective explosive battlefield effects to safely train our troops. The simulated explosion sound produced by the X-0HW™ result in a 120dB blast that trainees will both hear and feel, allowing you the necessary realism required for your training needs. Despite the loudness of the Model X-0HW™, it is safe to use near buildings, windows and personnel.

In just minutes you can attach a Model X-OHW™ IED Simulator to the outside of a building or vehicle and interface with one of our wireless systems, connect it to a laser system to register an RPG hit, or wire it to a pressure switch in an IED production facility to recreate the threats your troops will find in theater.

At less than 17” tall, the X-0HW IED Simulator is easily concealable, giving your training the element of surprise you need.

Regulators, hoses, and an empty oxygen tank are included. *Purchase of a propane tank must be made at a local supplier.* Oxygen tanks can be filled at most welding supply stores.

Included in kit:

 X-0HW IED Simulator

– 2×4 Concealed Inert Pipe Bomb IED

– 1 Fifty Foot Command Wire Reel

– 9 Volt Batteries & Connectors

– Detailed Instructions for Each Device

– Tripwire Spool

Improvised Switches:

– Photocell Switch

– Key Fob Switch

– PIR (Motion) Switch

– Trembler Switch (PVC Pipe)

– Trembler Switch (Copper Pipe)

– Trembler Switch (Copper Wire)

– Trembler Switch (Pendulum)

– Anti-Tilt (Mercury)

– Anti-Tilt Switch (Ball-in-Cage)

– Analog Timer Switch (Egg Timer)

– Digital Timer Switch (Kitchen Timer)

– Loop Switch

– Crush Switch

– Mousetrap Switch Type #1 (Tripwire / Snap)

– Mousetrap Switch Type #2 (Tripwire / Pull)

– Mousetrap Switch Type #3 (Tripwire / Stake)

– Clothespin Switch (Tripwire)

– Motorcycle Breaklight Tripwire Switch

– Pneumatic Switch

– Hacksaw Blade Pressure Plate Switch

– Wooden Boards  / Nails Pressure Plate Switch

– Commercial Pressure Plate


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