X-CAP Wireless IED / Blast Effect Transmitter



With the ability to communicate wirelessly between multiple Functional IED Training Devices and any of our IED Blast Simulators up to 50m with the addition of an X-CAP Receiver or X-PANDR Pneumatic Blast Simulator, this device gives instructors the capabilities to run several iterations at one time.
Up to 8 X-CAPs can be used at the same time during the same training cycle, each set to trigger up to 8 separate simulators.

X-CAP Transmitter Features:

2-1/4″ Length
1/4″ Diameter
Identical appearance to commercial blasting caps
Operates on 433MHz
Up to 50m LOS operation

X-CAP Wireless Receiver (Sold Separately):

Output Controls for X-O and X-P simulators
8 different receiver channels

* NOTE – Color of X-CAP indicates channel type, i.e. all blue X-CAPS are one channel, all red X-CAPS are another

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Color / Channel

Brown, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red, White, Orange, Green