X-PANDR Pneumatic Blast + Flash Simulator



The X-PANDR box provides a trainer with multiple outputs to indicate the triggering of a simulated explosive device. Built-in penalty monitors include an XP-357 Pneumatic Blast Simulator, LED flash, 90 dB buzzer, or an external monitor of choice triggered via 12V DC or a normally open relay closure.

The 15,000 lumen LED, combined with the XP-357 pneumatic blast, provides simulation of a flash bang grenade report.

The X-PANDR box is off-the-shelf capable of receiving a trigger input via an X-CAP Wireless Blasting Cap Transmitter (two X-CAPs included; additional X-CAPs sold separately), or through any of our Functional IEDs with the “wireless” symbol shown here:

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
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