XP-357 Squad Level Functional IED Training Kit w/ Pneumatic IED Blast Simulator



This reactive / functional IED Trainer Kit is specifically designed to support Platoon level IED training when IED Training lanes and ranges are occupied or unavailable.  The kit includes everything needed to easily conduct realistic training scenarios in any environment. Focusing on simplicity, this kit is quickly understood and very easy to set up and operate.

Penalty Features:

– The XP-357™ Pneumatic IED Blast Simulator produces a tuned shockwave and loud blast effect using compressed air or CO2 at 100–150 PSI. Unlike traditional pneumatic or CO2 powered IED Simulators that rely on bursting discs or containers, the XP Series produces a tuned shockwave effect with no fragmentation hazard. Rapid repeat firings are possible with no need to “reload” the XP-357™  non-pyrotechnic IED simulator – simply refill and refire in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the PULSE™ shockwave effect creates a unique tactile impulse or impact to create additional levels of training. The XP’s small size (roughly the same as a 1 liter water bottle) allows it to be concealed almost anywhere: under a workbench in an HME lab, beneath the seat of a vehicle, or even inside simulated IEDs themselves such as a pipe bomb, artillery shell housing, or fuel jug.

Kit Features:

– Automatic 30 second safe separation arming delay

– Automatically detects open or closed circuit when arming and fires upon any change

– Siren and lights indicate penalty for 30 seconds, and can be used with or without the XP-357

– Automatic circuit reset for seamless next-mission evolution

– Modular design allows a single Penalty Monitor to work with any switch

Improvised Switches:

  • Photocell Switch
  • Key Fob Switch (Remote)
  • PIR (Motion) Switch
  • Trembler Switch (Copper Pipe)
  • Trembler Switch (Copper Wire)
  • Trembler Switch (Pendulum)
  • Anti-Tilt Switch (Improvised Ball-in-Cage)
  • Anti-Tilt Switch (Commercial Ball-in-Cage)
  • Analog Timer Switch (Egg Timer)
  • Digital Timer Switch (Kitchen Timer)
  • Loop Switch
  • Crush Switch
  • Mousetrap Switch Type #1 (Tripwire / Snap)
  • Mousetrap Switch Type #2 (Tripwire / Pull)
  • Mousetrap Switch Type #3 (Tripwire / Stake)
  • Clothespin Switch (Tripwire)
  • Motorcycle Brake Light Switch (Tripwire)
  • Pneumatic Hose IED Pressure Switch (Air Pressure)
  • Pac-Man Switch
  • Pressure Plate IED Switch (Hacksaw Blades)
  • Pressure Plate IED Switch, Large
  • Commercial Pressure Plate


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